Sustainability Statement

We realise that the only reason we have these precious commodities that are essential oils is because this amazing earth yields them to us.
They are a gift and it is not our right to take these without respecting the delicate nature of our planet.

Oleo Botanica is committed to ensuring that wherever possible, we make choices on products and business practices that are sustainable and eco-friendly.
So, here’s what we're tangibly doing to ensure our mark we leave on this earth is as minimal as possible.


Essential oils - our commitment to sustainability begins at the very start. Obviously this is the essence of what we do, the part of our venture that has the most impact in its production, so there’s no point in striving to be sustainable if we don’t attack it right at the source. Although the oils we source cost much more, we only choose suppliers that are resolved to not only leave no mark on the earth, but rather make a positive impact on the environment, farmers, harvesters, distillers and communities that grow their oils.

They champion supporting small communities in developing countries instead of planting large farms that burden the environment around them. The focus is on energy efficient technologies, supply chain methods that promote biological preservation, utilising resources that may otherwise be wasted, harvesting and extraction methods that minimize carbon footprint, and not harvesting endangered species.
On top of that, they set out to better the livelihoods of the people by improving wages and living standards, providing clean water, funding the establishment of health clinics and schools.
They realise that if they support the local communities to look after the land, it has the greatest chance of being nurtured and sustained.

Packaging - we are committed to choosing recyclable materials or those that are biodegradable, and where possible, made from recycled materials.
Our padded mailers are recyclable and made from at least 50% recycled content; parcel boxes are recyclable; we use compostable satchels; our packaging tape is recyclable; we use recyclable cardboard and paper instead of bubble wrap and styrofoam void fill; our twine is biodegradable; marketing materials are made of paper sourced from sustainable forestry; and we use biodegradable stickers made of paper produced from sustainable sources.

Courier - all couriers we use domestically are 100% carbon neutral and fully offset their carbon footprint.

If you have any questions or suggestions for us we’d love to hear from you!