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all natural . vegan . cruelty-free . sustainable

Botanical blends carefully curated to bring you natural
solutions for your every day wellness and self-care needs.

No hormone disrupting, synthetic ingredients.
No toxic fillers.

Locally made in beautiful Palm Beach on the Gold Coast, Australia -
We choose organically grown and organically derived therapeutic grade essential oils - only the best quality ingredients have been sourced to develop this amazing range of rollers.
All the while maintaining eco-friendly practices from the farm to your palm - because we love the earth and humanity!

All of our products are vegan and tested out on none other than our own families.


From our family to yours

Oleo Botanica xx

Oleo Blooms

Oleo Wellness

Oleo Mama

Oleo Baby

The Oleo Difference

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Wow! Oleo Blooms!!!

Wow! You have a real flare for mixing these oils! 💗❤️🧡💛💚Leo is like smelling pheromones whilst forest bathing, so good for stress levels. Love gentle Rani and Mavia for the weekends, slumbring in cottons on a warm day. Zenobia and Cleopatra say it all. Strong passionate beautiful women. Love your collection, they are amazing!!

Lisa B

Red Lights

Keeping this little gem ‘Cool + Calm’ in my bag has seen me rolling over my pulse points with vigour when the Gold Coast morning traffic has you strike every red light on your way to work. Breath in the calm 👌🏽


Saving my life each month

As soon I feel a niggle of pain I apply Damsel in Distress to my lower abdomen & back. It makes the world of difference and I’m able to carry on with my day when in the past I would have spent hours sitting in a hot shower or bed ridden with a heat pack. 


This oil saved me

When I used Damsel In Distress for the first time... I didn’t think it possible for it to work that fast but the effect was almost instantaneous. This is fast acting and saved my day!