Teething Little

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N  A  U  G  H  T  Y    T  O  O  T  H  Y    P  E  G  S

A beautiful blend designed to ease your babe's pain and discomfort. Containing soothing essentials oils traditionally known to provide temporary relief from inflammation.




Roll along your little one's jawline and back of neck. Use when needed.

*Not to be used on children under 3 months.



Pure essential oils of copaiba, lavender and Roman chamomile blended in a base of organically grown fractionated coconut oil.


Copaiba - contains beta-caryophyllene which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Is also shown in scientific research to exhibit antinociceptive properties, blocking the detection of painful stimulus by the sensory neurons. 

Lavender - the known powerful sedative effects of this oil help to calm and relieve the symptoms of pain.

Roman Chamomile - has distinctly anti-inflammatory effects, making it ideal for easing teething pains in children


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