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P  O  S  I  T  I  V  E    V  I  B  E  S

Sunshine in a bottle, you’ll want to keep this one within reach. Containing essential oils traditionally known to boost happy vibes and dull down the negative ones.




Roll over heart and on pulse points or roll into palms and cup to inhale throughout the day.


Pure essential oils of marjoram, bergamot, geranium and cinnamon blended in a base of organically grown fractionated coconut oil.


Marjoram - was known to Greeks and Romans as a symbol of happiness. Traditionally known to have a positive effect on the nervous system. Its aroma brings comfort and warms the mind and spirit. Its properties can have a gentle sedative effect that can ease anxiety, promote restful sleep, and lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Bergamot - studies have shown that smelling this oils aroma increased levels of serotonin and brought a sense of elevation. It's properties are also known to reduced feelings of anxiety and fatigue.

Geranium - is known to help balance hormone levels. Its calming properties also help to boost mood and alleviate mood swings.

Cinnamon - brings a warm and soothing sensation to the body, and stimulates the senses with its powerful aroma. Studies have shown that those who smell its aroma find it to relax the mind and body.



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As essential oils can cause contraindications with other prescribed medications or therapies, our products should be used at your own discretion and only after consulting with your healthcare provider before use.

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