Damsel In Distress

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G  I  R  L  Y    D  A  Y  S

Boyfriends move aside! This is all the support you'll need for that time of the month both physically and emotionally. Containing essential oils that are traditionally know to relieve pain, inflammation and bring calm and balance to negative and overwhelming emotions.




Roll over and rub in to abdomen and roll on pulse points. Use when needed.



Pure essential oils of copaiba, clary sage, ylang ylang, geranium and lavender blended in a base of organically grown fractionated coconut oil.


Copaiba - contains beta-caryophyllene which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and also regulates emotions. Copaiba is also shown in scientific research to exhibit antinociceptive properties, blocking the detection of painful stimulus by the sensory neurons.

Clary Sage - an antispasmodic agent, reducing uterus spasms during cramps. It also has properties that relieve stress and bring a sense of calm and clarity to the mind.

Ylang Ylang - helps to calm mood swings thanks to its sedative properties. Also containing antispasmodic qualities helping to reduce spasm during cramps.

Geranium - is known to help balance hormone levels. Its calming properties also help to boost mood and alleviate mood swings.

Lavender - known for its soothing properties, its calming and relaxing effect helps to relieve premenstrual symptoms. It also improves blood circulation and thus helps to reduce cramps. 

*We at Oleo are not medical practitioners therefore, it is not our intention to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or disorder.

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As essential oils can cause contraindications with other prescribed medications or therapies, our products should be used at your own discretion and only after consulting with your healthcare provider before use.

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